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Thursday, November 30, 2006

India powers on ...

9.2% GDP growth in Q3 2006 - Lage Raho India !

-- Thyaga

Krugle ...

If you have used Google Code Search and liked it, then u will definitely like Krugle

Search has now touched the "developers"

-- Thyaga

Google Answers went no where

So - it looks like Google Answers never took off. Recent reports suggest that Yahoo! Answers is far ahead than Google even though it was a late entrant. I think it is primarily because Yahoo! is great to create a community and maintain it - thats what worked for it.

What do ya think?

-- Thyaga

What happened to me?

Long time - no post !

Just an update - I have been terribly busy preparing for the end term exams and presentations and documents at Santa Clara.

Things are easing up now - me happy now amigo !


Monday, November 13, 2006

What happens when you upload a .docx file into Google Docs ...

This :)

BTW, shouldn't the message say "Google Docs" and not "Writely" - hmmm !

-- Thyaga

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Intel's foray into Web 2.0

So you thought that Intel was a hardware company and had nothing to do with Web 2.0 - ha! - check this out - Suite Two - Intel's foray into Web 2.0 - this is going to be interesting to watch.

-- Thyaga

Google's Risks

In its latest Quarterly Report, Google talks of the various competitive threats that is facing the company in the future. This has been well documented here - so, i shall spare myself the hard work :).

The one thing that i have always felt - 99% of its revenues come from Ads - now, doesn't that tell u that it could become a 1-trick pony - it desperately needs ways to generate some more super-hits.
Knowing Google, i am sure that they will soon have one.

-- Thyaga

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Been a bit busy ...

I have been horribly busy - class, work, assignments have just kept me too busy - shall Blog as soon as i get my time and sanity back.

-- Thyaga

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Going green can also get you "green" notes

Is it a myth that if you are going to be a company that is doing something good for the environment, then there is no way you can make money. Naah - not anymore. Read this Green 50 article and you will see for yourself - going green will get you green $$s too :).

-- Thyaga