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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

India put it across West Indies

Boy! - what a match indeed. When i was watching the Indian batting capitulate to Dwayne Smith, I knew that this match was slowly slipping away. Of course, Tendulkar was there but then he just had Bhajji and the rest of the tail for support. Bhajji played a very crucial innings of 37 that helped bring some kind of solidarity to the team total. Tendulkar was unfortunate to be run out when the ball richocheted of the bowler's hands into the non-striker's stumps. By then, he had scored a classy and crucial 65 runs. This should silence some of the critics who keep questioning his form and whether he is a critical part of the team or not. This also showed what India was missing in the Caribbean.

Of course, the Indian bowlers bowled with all their heart - Munaf, Ajit and Sreesanth all took 2 wickets each. Bhajji proved his class by taking 3 wickets and RP chipped in with the crucial wicked of Gayle. All in all it was a great team effort. India needs to win against Australia to make it to the finals - with this victory, they must definitely have their tails up.

I would like to end this post by a comment that Brian Lara made about Tendulkar after the match:


"Sachin is a very good friend of mine," he said when asked whether he was disappointed to be at the receiving end once again. "If he scores runs, it is attractive, a sight to behold. I want my players to learn from a guy like that, he's an exceptional talent.

"Seeing him bat, there's not much you can do sometimes. He is such a perfect batsman that on occasions, you see guys struggle and he does not. I'm happy that he has come back and is scoring runs because such a great player needs to come to the fore. I don't know if he has any doubters in India, but there's definitely not a doubt here. It's nice to see him come back and show his class. I want to see him do that on Friday as well."


Go India !


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