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Thursday, December 15, 2005

India Diaries - Delhi : December, 2005

Here is a summary of our Delhi Trip (Dec 11th - Dec 15th, 2005). For a photograpic journey, click here :).

Day 1

We landed in Delhi after a long flight from SFO – Singapore, on time at 7:30 pm on Sunday night (Dec 11th). After standing in a pretty long queue for immigration, we came out and were more than pleased to see the happy face of Anshuman, my brother-in-law. The only thing was that he had anticipated that we could all fit in along with our baggage in his car – obviously, he had forgotten that we were doing international travel and half of the luggage is usually filled with gifts J. Anyway, he promptly got a pre-paid taxi for us. While waiting for the Taxi to arrive, I noticed quite a few cows roaming near the airport. I wondered why they couldn’t do anything to clear that – if I, having born and brought up in Kolkata, could feel irritated by that, just wonder what a foreigner is going to feel. But I didn’t want to dwell too much into that – for I knew that I WAS IN INDIA and that was what mattered. The trip to Noida from the Delhi Airport was a little long but the roads of Delhi were fabulous, a fact that struck us over and over again.

Day 2

We woke up early the next day and then we headed off to shopping at CenterStage Mall, the shopping hub of Noida. After spending some time shopping, we met up with Sandeep, who is also working in Noida. He took us to a wonderful restaurant (forgot the name). After that, we went to Anshuman and Smita’s office (Atrenta), where we were greeted by the news that Anshuman’s PhD works was now patented! After that, all 4 of us headed to South-Ex’s Shopper’s Stop. After shopping for a while, we went to visit Smita’s parents and then to Pampa’s (my cousin sister-in-law, who recently got married). After that, we went to Sandeep’s house to stay overnight. After a brief session of Scotch and cricket and movies, we called it a night. Sandeep and I had made some interesting plans for the next day morning.

Day 3

Sandeep and I first dropped Susmita off at Anshuman’s place the first thing in the morning. After that, we went for a small run at the nearby Noida stadium. I was really impressed with the stadium and the way, they have maintained it. Returning home after the run, Susmita and I then went out to pick-up Pampa to go to Greater Kailash area for shopping. In the evening, we had a nice get-together dinner at a new restaurant at Noida called Desi Vibes. That was a nice experience and it was wonderful to see all the family together.

Day 4

I didn’t feel all that great the next day morning. Probably, exhaustion, too much of roaming about, too much of eating out was getting to me. Susmita was also feeling the same jitters and we decided to go easy on the last day of our stay. Also, apart from shopping and catching up with relatives, we had not visited any “tourist” destination in Delhi. So, we first went to Connought Place, had ice-cream there at Nirulas. Then we stopped for a brief while at Khan Market, had gol-gappa (upset stomach? J) and then finally visited India Gate and Amar Jyoti Jawaan. That was a majestic site indeed. We came back early because we had to pack our bags and call in an early night because we had an early flight to catch the next day.


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