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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Ganguly - Chappel

Ganguly is back in the Indian cricket team and the action has started ! - receiving tips, mate? :)


Cric "IT" :)

Have you wondered what could be the connection between Cricket and IT? - well, i didn't but a guy at Rediff apparently thought that there could be one and the result is a hilarious and often thoughtful article. Read it whenever you have the time.


Thanksgiving Weekend

We spent the Thanksgiving at our friend's house at San Fransisco. Although we have been to the city many times, this was the first time that we were ever going to stay overnight at San Fransisco, Sujata and Roopam's apartment was so conviniently located near to all the happening places in San Fransisco that it was just the perfect place to stay. Added to it was the fact that Sujata had cooked some wonderful lunch and some more friends had come over too. Of course, we also made plans to see the India - South Africa match at Kolkata on the new Plasma TV - however, the match turned out to be a cold turkey and kind of spoilt our fun a bit. Nevertheless, we had a great time watching the game throughout the night.
The next day, we went out to the Farmer's market in San Fransisco - boy! - it was indeed a great place to be. The weather was perfect, people were in festive spirits and it was great to just hang around that place.

So, if you feel excited by all what you read, I am sure you will feel even more excited after you see the photos - relive our experience.


Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Changing your cache settings in Firefox

I always had wondered how to change one's cache settings in Firefox - but never went the distance in figuring it out. Today, we had a customer having some cache related issues and then I decided that this was it - it was either now or never. And if you have Google alongside you, you need not feer. Here is how to change your cache settings in Firefox:

  1. In the Location bar type: about:config
  2. Press Enter. Firefox will display a list of configuration settings.
  3. In the Filter box, type: cache
  4. Press Enter. You will see the configuration settings relating to the browser cache.
  5. Double-click on Browser.cache.doc_check_frequency
  6. Change the setting from 3 to 1.
  7. Click OK.


Saturday, November 19, 2005

Google rising and rising !

Google shares have now crossed the $400 barrier - i don't know whether this is happening for real or not. 400$ - boy! that is quite a number and it is an incredible achievement indeed by a relatively new company. Sometimes I wonder whether this is actually right - with this stock price, the company has moved higher in value than companies such as Walt Disney and Coca-Cola, which have been around for years !

Mind-boggling indeed.

-- Thyaga

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Message from actor Sanjay Suri

I got this email from Vivek, a former colleague of mine, who actually does a lot regarding films - has a film society (http://www.saafa.org), conducts film shows, interviews, newsletters etc. Anyway, here is a message from Sanjay Suri, actor of Hindi films such as Dhoop, Filhaal, My Brother ... Nikhil etc that was forwarded to me by Vivek:

Hello Friends,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Vivek for his efforts in helping me and my team to combat HIV/Aids in India and globally, by reaching out to the citizens through the most effective way of communication….Films, Movies, Cinema!!!

This is exactly the reason why my friends and I made a film called My brother…NIKHIL.

My brother..NIKHIL dealt with everything that no other film in Indian cinema has dealt with before.

We produced and marketed the film with help from friends and family, personal funds and borrowed money.

The film with its wide acceptance and exceptional critical acclaim continues its journey to combat HIV/Aids in various ways. We’ve had screenings all over the world to spread awareness and remove the stigma attached to HIV/Aids; but now, unfortunately our taps are running dry.

To take this film’s message beyond, I appeal to you all, to lend your support to the cause and the film. With your help we could reach out to millions (especially in India) through the film.

If you care, please send me a personal email or let Vivek know about it.

Thanks for listening folks ……

I care for My brother…NIKHIL, do you?





Monday, November 14, 2005

Designing your perfect shoe

My wife's group in Santa Clara University is conducting a survey for the Marketing class to find out the needs of customers for customization of shoes online. It is a very short survey and is actually quite interesting too - go ahead and take a shot at it whenever u have time. You will do a good deed by helping out :).

Here is the survey link :

Thanks !

Saturday, November 05, 2005

Cross-roads Series - Surojit Chatterjee

The "Cross-roads" Series is a guest "blog" series. This will feature some of my friends talking about their various career decisions and why they took it.

Today, the guest "blogger" is Surojit Chatterjee. Surojit studied with me at IIT, KGP from 1993-1997. After that, he went to Suny Buffalo to pursue his Masters in Computer Science. We then met up when he was working at Oracle Corporation in the Bay Area. Presently, he is pursuing a MBA at MIT and seems to be having an "interesting" experience!

Ok, here is what he has to say - ENJOY !


Friday, November 04, 2005

Some more highlights ...

3rd one-dayer:
Dhoni's Dhamaka : http://www.greatandhra.com/cricket/videos/1031/india1031_dhone.ram

4th one-dayer:

India batting : http://www.greatandhra.com/cricket/videos/1103/batting.ram

Agarkar bowling: http://www.greatandhra.com/cricket/videos/1103/agarkar.ram

SL dismissals: http://www.greatandhra.com/cricket/videos/1103/catches.ram

Presentation : http://www.greatandhra.com/cricket/videos/1103/pres.ram

Enjoy them !
-- Thyaga

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Tough to believe

Sometimes I wonder whether I am still dreaming - need to pinch myself to believe India's performance. They have won 4 1-dayers in a row and that too against the world's second best team. Amazing performance indeed. Some of the reasons that I think could be helping:

  1. The Chappel Way - ever since he arrived in India, Chappel has been propogating the Chappel way. It is a little complicated to understand but hey! it might be working.

  2. Return of Sachin Tendulkar - no doubts about that : he is the talisman for the Indian cricket team. His return to his aggressive self is an indicator that he is fresh, raring to go and ready to take on the world - opposition BEWARE !

  3. Young fresh faces ready to take on the world - the Dhonis, Yadavs, Rainas, Raos are showing maturity beyond their experience. Also, the old guns such as Agarkar are also firing.

    Dhoni's "Milky Ways" are proving too much for Sri Lanka.

  4. Good leadership - Dravid has lead by example by not allowing his batting to be affected. This helps to maintain the morale and the confidence of the team.
Whatever be the reason, hopefully India can continue its winning run.

Go India Go !

-- T