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Friday, October 07, 2005

ICC Super Series - 2nd ODI

After the 1st match of the Super Series, I thought that the second match was going to be more closely fought. I wasn't totally wrong but still Australia came out on top proving yet again what a strong team they are. Even without McGrath, Hayden, Gillespie and Kasporowich, they have proved how good their bench strength indeed is.

Australia won the toss for the second time in this series and straight away adopted to bat. Gilchrist and Katich came out determined to set up a big score. What an innings it was from Gilly - he treated all the bowlers with disdain and reserved special treatment for Freddie Flintoff, his nemesis in Ashes tour. He raced to the fastest hundred by an Australian in Australia. Eventually Australia made 329 in their allotted overs with useful contributions from all of their top-order batsmen.

To win against Australia chasing 329, the World XI had to fire and fire real well. Viru and Chris Gayle game them a wonderful start. But Viru fell to a snorter from Lee. After that Chris Gayle and Sangakara carried on the destruction work - at one point of time, it looked as if the World XI might indeed pull it off. But then Australia thrive in such circumstances - they slowly clawed their way back into the game by taking crucial wickets at crucial junctures. Eventually, the World XI folded up at 275.

So, the last match becomes a dead rubber - but I am sure the World XI will play out of their skins to salvage some pride - after all, the players in their team are all champions in their own right. They have to gel well as a team and that is what should be the focus for the next match - no one obviously doubts the obvious talent of the World XI team.

So, till then - Adios and have a good weekend.

-- Thyaga


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