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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

1 + 1 > 1

You might think that the title of this Blog is not only queer, it is obvious. I accept both the points and I wish to add one more thing to that - this is what is happening in Business circles these days. If you are not sure what I mean, then please read on.

Yesterday, Microsoft and Real Networks, arch-rivals for ages, joined hands when Microsoft paid Real Networks $716 million and settle the last of its anti-trust law-suit issues. This collaboration now brings together the 2 old foes in the booming digital music market, something where Apple is miles ahead of the competition. This definitely is a boost for both the companies especially since both are ambitious to enter into the digital music space and challenge the might of Apple.

Today, Yahoo and Microsoft have come together to provide inter-operability within their IMs. Currently, the AOL IM has a large market share and Google is also entering into this space with the launch of its Google Talk. So, once again a ploy to come together to crush the competition.

One thing that is common in both the news is Microsoft - a giant that used to crush competition alone is now collaborating with other players to crush other competiton. Probably, it doesn't want to feel the wrath of the Justice Department again for monopolistic practices :). Whether this proves successful or not will only be known in the future. For now, the fun has begun and as I always say - the customers are the ones who are going to be benefit most out of this :).

Now, it should be clearer what I meant by 1 + 1 > 1 !

Cheers !



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