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Sunday, September 25, 2005

Trip to Berkeley

Over the last weekend on Saturday, September 24th 2005, we had been to Berkeley. Although Susmita & I had seen Berkeley before, we hadn't been there for quite some time. Also, we had a lot about the marina from my people and so, we really wanted to check it out. Also, it would be another outing for my parents.

We started off after lunch to Berkeley - I had expected some traffic on the road because it was a gorgeous day perfect to be spent in the beach. However, the traffic was normal and we reached the marina within an hour or so of leaving home. The marina was just wonderful - there were people who were sailing, boating, kayaking, yatching etc. There were also some classes being conducted for the enthusiats - we walked along the marina and then went along a boardwalk where people were fishing. It was a little windy out here but the warm sun made it a wonderful experience.

From there, we headed to the famous University Avenue of Berkeley. Now, a trip along University Avenue is similar to a trip along any shopping area in India. Saree shops, salwar shops, jewellery shops, Indian sweet shops, Indian restaurants - you name it and it is there on that street. We spent some time doing some window shopping and made our way to the famous Vic's chaat shop. Now, this shop is quite well known all over the Bay Area and for a good reason too. The chat was excellent and so was the tea ! We had couldn't resist ourselves and had some sumptuous food there.

With our stomachs now full and our hearts filled with enthusiasm, we made our way to the Berkeley Rose Garden. This is supposed to a FREE garden where you can stroll and look at all the different varieties of roses that were grown there. It was just fabulous and my mom took a special liking to some of the roses. We sat there for a while and spent some time thinking as to what it would take to grow some of those roses in our little garden :).

Finally, we entered the University campus and also saw the Computer Science building (Soda Hall). I wasn't very impressed by it - it didn't look impressive at all. Anyway, after taking some photographs, we decided to call it a day and headed home. So, the trip to Berkeley was a short and sweet trip - something that we shall all remember. Here are some snapshots from our trip - relive the experience.



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