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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

New Jersey - New York Trip - Day 4

Yesterday was the penultimate day of our trip. We spent the day in New York visiting those places that had not yet been visited. Places that we visited were as follows:

  1. Wall Street & Trinity Church - although Susmita and I had seen this place, my parents were yet to see it. We stood beside the Ground Zero and remembered all the innocent victims and the heroes of September 11th. It was indeed sad to see the vast amount of open space in the midst of all the tall buildings. Anyway, we saw the NYSE and the Trinity Church at Wall Street made our way towards Battery Park.
  2. Battery Park - this is the place to get onto the ferry for Statue of Liberty if you would be coming from New York. We spent some time there and relaxed our tiring legs.
  3. Lunch at Udipi - we decided that the safest bet for lunch was to have Indian food and so we once again went to Lexington, where we had lunch at Udipi. It was quite crowded and the food was average.
  4. Washington Square and Greenwich village - this was another park in the mid-town area bang opposite to the NY University. My parents decided to relax on the benches there - Susmita and I walked down the streets of the village. It was a decent place but nothing much to write about. Probably, it comes to life during the night - hard to say.
  5. Manhattan Mall & Macy's - the last stop of our trip. We spent bit of time doing some shopping. With Susmita around, I don't feel so lost in all these big malls and shops. Also, I felt that my parents enjoyed it more than their previous trip to Macy's.
On our way home, Susmita and I had a KFC sandwich and my parents had dinner cooked at home. After that, Susmita and I joined Krishnan and Chitra in their basement for a small movie + bhaat session. After all, this was the last day in their home. I was feeling a little sad that the holiday was coming to an end but I was also feeling good that we had a good time and it was indeed a wonderful break !



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