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Monday, September 05, 2005

New Jersey - New York Trip - Day 3

Yesterday, we, including Padmanabhan Mama & Mami, Krishnan, Chitra and Shivant, all went to see the Statue of Liberty. For that, we had to take the Ferry from New Jersey to the island where the Statue is present. The ferry ride was quite magnificient, because we could take in the whole picture of the Manhattan skyline. We spent some time in the island by going along the circumference of the island and everyone was busy with their cameras clicking away to glory. Finally, we caught the ferry back to New Jersey and went to have lunch in Jersey City.

The place that we had lunch (Rasoi) was located in a completely Indian neighbourhood - right from garment shops to music cds and from restaurants to Paan shops - all of them were there right in 1 street. Anyway, we had a sumptuous lunch and then Susmita, my parents and I all headed to New York because we were meeting a couple of Susmita's childhood friends from school - Manti & Oasis

Once in New York, we met Manti and Oasis (and her husband Nirbhik and his sister from Montreal) at a Chaat place - Dimple. We had some coffee and then headed over to Herald Square. Here Susmita and her friends decided that they needed more time to catch-up. So, I took my parents to the Macy's store at Herald Square. Now, this store is 7 stories tall and is supposed to be the largest store in the entire world. After entering the store and then going through 2 floors, we decided that it was just not possible to completely see the entire store :). In any case, it was time to go back and meet up with Susmita.

We then went to Time Square again and hung around in the neighbourhood. After that, we had dinner at Pizza Hut because it was getting kind of late and then started our journey back to Hillsborough.



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