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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Hunt for the next "Wright" man

John Wright's tenure is over - if you have missed this event, then I am not surprised. During current times, when some of the cricketers are minting money and the media goes gaga over them, this humble and down-to-earth man was not even given a ceremonious exit. The fact that Indian cricket has progressed over the last few years owes a lot of John Wright and I think, the BCCI could have at least given him a fitting farewell. But then, that is BCCI - after all, what can you say to a body which once famously said, that the "team belongs to the BCCI and not India" ! Anyway, I sincerely wish John Wright all the best in his future endeavours - he truly deserves a standing ovation.

Now, coming to the more serious issue at hand. The cricket season is over (Indians had a pathetic season) and now, there is no coach. The surprising part of all this is that the BCCI has shown absolutely no urgency in appointing a new coach. They have been as lax as possible - I guess, they will do it in the last minute and then blame the coach for the bad performance. What I fail to understand is that the BCCI is such a profitable organization but it is so inefficiently run - obviously, if you have power/money hungry adminstrative officials sitting at the top, cricket will take a backseat.

Curiously enough, lot of other teams are also going through a period flux with the coaches. Here are a few:

Bangladesh : Dav Whatmore's tenure came to an end and he was contemplating a move to India (of all places). As usual BCCI did not show the urgency and of course, Bangladesh almost doubled Dav's salary and that was that. He stays on with Bangladesh till the end of the 2007 World Cup.

Sri Lanka : John Dyson's tenure is over and Sri Lanka is now in the search of a new coach. Although they are actively looking out for a new coach, they are still in the same position as India.

New Zealand : John Bracewell has come under a lot of fire and flak for the poor performance this season - there is talk that someone else might replace him the coming season.

South Africa : Although Ray Jennings is the current coach, his stint comes to an end soon and the front runner for that position is Rod Marsh, the former Aussie wicket keeper.

England : This might come as a surprise but there are speculations that Duncan Fletcher would leave and his job might be taken over by Tom Moody.

India : Greg Chappel, Viv Richards, Tom Moody ? - BCCI, come on and do your bit !

Hopefully, India will get the "Wright" man for job.

Adios !


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