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Friday, January 28, 2005

Our Home Buying

We bought a new Home ! - it is a 4 year old townhome in Milpitas, CA and boy! - it does feel good to own a house. The house is 1353 sq feet, 3 stories with 2 car garages and the lot size is 1742 sq feet, which includes the back yard. I don't want this to sound like a home specification report - so, you can find out more about the house (including pictures and virtual tour) out here. Oh yes, it cost us 560K for the house - if this was any other part of USA, then we could get a palatial house for that price, but this is Bay Area - things are a little 'hut key' out here !

Home buying was indeed a very very interesting, eye-opening and tiring experience for us. Actually, we spent literally 3 weeks shopping for our home. If you think that that is too long, then you will be surprised when you see people visiting open-homes weekends after weekends. We did not want to spend too much of time on this, primarily because we did not have time and also because the prices of the homes were going up with each passing weekend :) !. Anyway, hopefully, this home will prove as lucky to us as it was to its seller (my real estate agent himself).

It was not love at first sight for us for this home. The home that we liked was actually different - it was a lot bigger but its location was not so great. But it had a wonderful floor plan. The asking price for that house was 585K and we offered 600K, but we STILL did not get it ! - the market is so damn crazy. After that, our present house seemed really very very attractive. Its asking price was 545K but we managed to win this by bidding at 560K. Of course, looking at it now, I think we made the right decision. Its location is fantastic, close to both our offices, close to a Jain temple (so parents need not worry), part of a community and close to a huge shopping mall (Great Mall).

We got the loan approval yesterday and so we should be moving in sometime during the end of February. It feels good to finally wrap this up - it had been playing in our heads for a long time. It got activated quite furiously during the New Year's party at a friend's house when we heard that most of our friends have started buying houses :). In any case, it turned out postive for us and here we are - proud owners of a home in the US of A.

Till then,


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