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Thursday, November 04, 2004

Silicon Valley Half Marathon, 2004

Last weekend, I ran the Silicon Valley Half Marathon, 2004. I had pretty happy memories of this half-marathon, since this was my first official race that I had run in 2001. However, times had changed - the route was now different (it now goes through the Los Gatos creek trail), I had not run an official race in a long time and more importantly, I didn't think I was at my peak fitness. Nevertheless, a wonderful Sunday morning along with bands and whistles greeted us when Susmita and I landed up at the starting point at the intersection of Park Avenue & Almaden at the heart of San Jose downtown.

There was an early morning chill which was making me more anxious and eager to get along with the proceedings. My target was to complete the race at 10 min/mile pace (that would have been better than my previous run here). When the race started off, the first 20 minutes or so were spent in adjusting myself to the surroundings and also, getting my rhythm in place. For some reason, it took me longer than normal to get my rhythm in place. However, I realized that I was doing well on time - I was doing a 9 min/mile till the 6 mile mark.

Around the 6 mile mark, we entered the Los Gatos creek trail and this had quite a few uphills. Of course, this did slow me down and I realized that my timings were slipping. But I was always ahead of my intented target (or "Aspiration Point", as they teach in B-schools). The fact that we had to run by a lake with ducks swimming and also under the shades of trees really helped. The organization of the race was good too - they had good water/nutrition drink supplies at the end of every mile or so. Not that I used much of that, but it was nevertheless useful to know that I could always use it if need be.

Once you are near the end of the race, one does find that extra bit of energy to complete it strongly. I always believe that running is like writing a document - you should start and finish strongly : the middle can be all fluff :). Also, seeing my wife waving and cheering near the finish line definitely helped - you want to look good and confident while ending. In the end, the timing was good - I clocked 9:59 mins/mile, which was just perfect and was even better than my previous timing. We lapped the race up by going to Jamba Juice and having my favorite "Mango-ago-go". Susmita cooked some really delicious lunch and I just had energy left to tuck into bed and go off to sleep !

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