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Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Leavey School MBA, Fall Quarter 2004 - Mid Terms

The MBA Fall Quarter 2004 mid-terms got over just a week ago and it was quite an interesting and unique experience. It had been a long time since we had sat for any class exam. Also, it was the first time that we were attending school in USA and so, we were a little nervous about our exams. Last but not the least, the exams themselves were different from the conventional exams that we were so used to.

The Management class mid-term was a take-home - now, that sounds good but believe me, it doesn't make the job any simpler. We were given 3 case studies (MBA is mostly full of case studies) to analyze. One could choose between 1 or 2 case studies to write about. If you write 2, then your score would be the average of the scores in the 2 case studies. After spending quite a bit of time analyzing and then applying the concepts that were taught, we managed to get a decent A grade in the exam.

The Accounting exam was quite easy on the other hand. Most of the questions were multiple-choice type and well, they were quite simple too. Of course, the fact that you do well does not necessarily guarantee you a A+ :) - they do relative gradings here and well, we got an A ! - no, I am not cribbing - I am definitely glad that the mid-terms went off well. Now, we can get back to life !

In the meantime, quite a few things have been happening in the Business school - lots of networking events (we don't find time for it), Bob Dylan performed a while ago and lastly, I still need to check out the gym there - I have heard that it is truly fantastic.

Keep smiling :) - Adios !