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Thursday, September 09, 2004

Shasta Trip - a pleasurable experience

We had gone to the (Lake/Mt) Shasta region during the Labor Day weekend and it was really a very unique and pleasurable experience. We started off on Saturday morning, along with a bunch of few other friends (Parmu, Sandhya, Sajal, Shyam, Kanika) who were on their way to Crater Lake, which was further North of Shasta.

The afternoon and the evenings were spent in finding out a good place to do boating/rafting/canoeing. After searching around for quite some time, we managed to find a lovely place to do exactly what we wanted. The place was Lake Siskiyou and we would never have found it had it not been for the wonderful memory of Kanika.

After that, we went to have an early dinner. Once again, Kanika remembered a Chinese/Thai place from her previous visit to the Shasta region. This was probably the most unique part of the trip. The owner was Mr. Supriyo Ghosh from our dear old Kolkata and the manager was a Chinese looking guy from Hyderabad! Once Mr. Ghosh got to know that we were all from Kolkata, his happiness knew no bounds. We were given royal treatment - special rice was ordered from the kitchen, cold drinks were served on the house, waiters and waitresses kept coming to enquire about us and of course, we were given dollops of ice-creams for dessert. Boy! - I don't think I have ever been so pampered in a restaurant and that too, by the restaurant owner himself. It's an experience that I shall not forget so easily - it was just simply superb. Oh yeah - I forgot to mention this - there was R.D. Burman music in the background and yes, the food was just awesome too :).

The next day (Sunday), Susmita and I were pretty much on our own. We went to the top (well, whatever it was possible to drive to!) of Mt. Shasta, tried out a bit of 'fish-boating' (never again !), went to the Shasta Dam and of course, saw a wonderful piece of archectural splendour - the Sundial Bridge at Redding. It was actually quite hot on Sunday and so, when we put our legs inside the cold water of the Sacramento river, flowing below the Bridge, our legs definitely thanked us a great deal :).

The photos are all out there - relive the experience.

Bye !