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Sunday, September 26, 2004

Rise of the Baby Brigade :)

Yesterday night, we had been to Shital & Preeti's farewell dinner. They are part of the group of people who have started the reverse exodus - that is moving from the land of Columbus back to India. There were lots of people in the party and so, in general, the party was really fun. If you want me to say it, then here it is - it was a great place to 'Network' and meet some new people too. Of course, there were old friends, old jokes (it's amazing how some of the jokes never stale), old controversies and of course, discussions about college professors.

However, the most striking part of the party was the realization that most of our friends were not only married, but also were proud parents of some wonderful children. The apartment had children all over the place - on the parent's laps, on top of the carrom board (ah ! - it was just wonderful to have played carrom after such a long time), sleeping on the carpet, running around etc. Of course, the kids were indeed having a wonderful time, no doubt about that. Add to that, there were some parents who were expecting kids very soon too. I can very well imagine how get-togethers in a short while from now on are going to look :).

You see, this is a completely change from the get-togethers that we used to have before, where any topic of discussion was fiercely argued and of course, topics of discussion usually stretched from Mother Teresa to Mamta Kulkarni. Today's get-togethers firstly have the children as the focus point and of course, most of the discussions revolve around kids and their activities :).

Life is indeed wonderful. Instead of analyzing why we are doing this and how this is happening, these moments are just meant to be cherished. If a change is happening, then one must just let it happen and flow with the tide. Every moment in life is different and each brings with it, its own share of happiness.

So, here's to the new battery of the baby brigade and cheers to all the happy parents for having such wonderful children.