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Friday, September 03, 2004

Picnic at Vasona Lake Park - August 28th, 2004

Last weekend, we had organized a picnic with some of our friends (24 of them) in the Bay Area at Vasona Lake Park. I had been to the park before (both for a picnic and also during the course of my runs through the Lexington Reservoir) and I have liked the park because of it's natural beauty and quietness.

Picnic spots in these types parks are quite interesting - 1 picnic spot is defined as a group of 3 benches and tables, along with a BBQ area. However, we had to get 2 BBQ spots (1 for Veg and 1 for Non-Veg) and so, we had to get 2 Picnic Spots. Another important thing to note in these parks is that these unreserved picnic spots are taken up quite early on a First-Come-First-Serve basis. In short, we had to be there really early to get a good picnic spot (near the lake, near the boats, near the children play area etc). Luckily, no one went as early as we did and so, it was quite a breeze getting the spot. However, it was not easy to defend the spots - since, people were really quite curious and anxious to know why we needed 2 BBQ spots and whether we could manage with one and so, give up one of our spots - of course, we managed to ward them off successfully - sometimes, politely and sometimes, not_so_politely :).

People started coming in around 11:30 and the BBQ started at 12:00. There was some really yummy BBQ, great food and of course, plenty of beer. Some had organized interesting games and had brought prizes for the games too. Believe it or not, we had ice-cream for dessert too and we managed to keep it safely tucked in an ice-box, to prevent it from getting melted. [incidentally, that weekend, the Bay Area was going through a Heat wave]

Some of the snaps from the picnic are here . Enjoy them and relive the experience.

Cheers !