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Monday, September 13, 2004

IIT KGP Picnic - September 2004

The annual IIT KGP Alumni Picnic, 2004 was held at the Ed Levin Park on Septemeber 11th. This time around, the event was organized by the founder by the Silicon Valley Chapter of IIT Foundation - Roy DaSilva. Although, the total number of people expected to turn up for the picnic was 200, the figure barely touched 150. I guess, the hot weather prevailing in the Bay Area might have prompted some people to stay back at home. Some might have been too lazy to come out of their homes and some might have been busy revelling in India's victory over Kenya earlier in the day.

That apart, the picnic was great fun. It was a great place to meet and interact with lots of alumni (batchmates, seniors, juniors) - who always had some story or the other to share about IIT. During the picnic, I had a pretty stark realization that the number of juniors whom I meet in every picnic kept on increasing with each picnic. Well, the obvious reason is that with each year, we are all getting a year older ! - sometimes, I cannot believe that it's already 7 whole years since I passed out from IIT. It seems just the other day that I was having Chai at Harris, Tinku at Chhedis, PBM at Veggies ! - time flies, indeed.

Talking about food, the picnic had some wonderful food and of course, lots and lots of beer. The food was brought from somewhere in Fremont and one must give full credit to the organizers for arranging the wonderful food. There was lots of variety and the food was delicious too :).

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