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Friday, September 17, 2004

Give away for FREE and make Profit

I have noticed that there has been a new direction in Internet marketing these days. There are quite a few people who are offering portions of their services/products for FREE, hoping that people will indeed buy their complete services/products. This is a type of self-marketing which is kind of proving effective nowadays.

I first came to know about this when the CEO of my company, Pran, mentioned about his experience of reading the latest book by Dan Gilmor, online. He also has Blogged this - so, you can read how useful or effective his experience of reading it online was. The big idea here is that you will get hooked onto the book and ultimately go and buy the book yourself from the store.

I came across a second such instance, when Businessweek mentioned how a new Music group, instead of tying with the Big Labels, has gone on and put their songs online - FREE for download. Once again, the idea is that once the songs are downloaded and you listen to them and like them, you will end up buying the CD. By the look of it, it looks like the gimmick is indeed working.

Don't you think this is interesting ? - if you know of any other such intances, please feel FREE :) to send me your emails or if you would like, you could enter your comments below too.

-- Thyaga