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Monday, September 13, 2004

Business School Orientation

Last week, Santa Clara's Leavey School of Business had its orientation program for the new students joining this Fall. This was a 2 day affair, starting at 5:00 in the evening and ending at 9:00 in the night. Of course, this also included dinner, drinks, apetizers and desserts. Some of the events were interesting and so, are worth noting down:
  1. Introduction by the Dean - The program began with a welcome speech by the Dean of Leavey School, Barry Posner. The speech was short, sweet and filled with interesting anecdotes. It left no one in doubt that Barry is an excellent speaker.

  2. Group Games - On the 1st day of the program, the students were divided into multiple groups (based on the table where you were sitting) and taken outside in the campus lawns for some Group Games. These games were conducted by a professional organization and each group was placed under the charge of one person from this organization. There were 4 games that were played, each teaching us different aspects of team-building and organizational skills. It also gave us a good opportunity to interact with the fellow-students in an informal way. (during the games, people were at their rebellious best :)).

  3. Group Presentation - Immediately, after the games, we had to conduct a group presentation that highlighted all the lessons of leadership that we had learnt. The idea was to make the presentation highly energetic, so that people did not doze off. We were given 10 minutes to prepare for the 3 minute presentation. I already figured out who all are going to be good in marketing in the future.

  4. Professor's Panel Session - This was held on the 2nd day. Professors from the various deparments, such as Accounting, Finance, OMIS, Economics, Managment and Marketing gave a brief introduction of their Departments respectively and also, gave a brief introduction to the type of assignments and teaching curriculum followed in these Departments. Some of them also gave some tips for studying - however, it needs to be seen how many of us actually follow these tips.

  5. Workshops - These were held immediately after the Professor's Panel Session. There were 3 workshops, which were held twice parallely. In short, you could attend only 2 workshops on that day. The workshops were on "Building Team Building Skills", "What can SCU do for you", "Career Management in SCU". I went for the first 2 and well, the second one was quite boring :(.

  6. Network Group Signup - The biggest attraction of any B-school is the various Networking groups that are present. Leavey School also has a bunch of them such as Toastmaster, Women In Business, Athletics Networking Group, Enterpreur Networking Group etc. I signed up for some of them - I was particularly interested in the Athletics one, primarily because they have introduced Cricket as one of the games recently.

  7. Raffle - During the course of the 2 days, we were given Raffle tickets after the completion of every activity, such as games completion, attending a workshop, signing up for a Networking group etc. As such, I ended up with around 8 Raffle tickets. Susmita also ended with an almost equal number. However, our luck was not to shine when they called out the various Raffle numbers :(.

Overall, it was fun and it gave us an opportunity to meet with some of our fellow students. Of course, we were quite tired at the end of it all - but I guess the excitement of going back to school (!) helped to forget all that.

Here's to a new chapter in our lives.

Cheers !