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Sunday, August 29, 2004

Sarawana Bhawan - South Indian Food served American style

The last weekend, Susmita and I had been to the new Sarawana Bhawan (yes! - the same guys from Chennai) for lunch. They had shifted their business to a new and a bigger location (from Castro, Mountain View to Mary, Sunnyvale).

Here's is the list of things in their location that I found was different from their previous location :
  1. Bigger and spacious Parking Lot - the previous location had almost very little parking space, making parking there a virtual nightmare. Thankfully, things are a lot better here.
  2. The restaurant is at least 2 times the capacity of the previous location - this means that you don't have to wait outside in queue and you will be taken inside quite fast. Of course, there was still a small queue, but it was far less compared to the long ones that used to mark the older Sarawana Bhawan.
  3. The best part is the American touch ! - you are escorted into the restaurant to your seat by an American, well-dressed in coat and suit and wearing tie. This is DEFINITELY new :).
  4. Menu - the menu seemed to be the same and so was the price. Of course, the menu card is new and very sleekly designed.

Overall, we had a good experience with the food there, though the coffee was just too bitter for our tastes.

What puzzled me was that there were so many non-Indians in the restaurant too. I didn't know South Indian food was also popular among the non-Indians. The only food I knew that most Americans loved was 'Chicken Tikka Masala' (for whatever reason). But looking at the non-Indian crowd in Sarawana Bhawan, one can safely say that things are indeed changing.

Bon Apetit !