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Monday, August 02, 2004

First brushes with fame !

The last weekend has been my first brushes with fame.

Firstly, my name and email message [see below] were read out on Cricket Info Radio during the course of the Asia Cup Finals - Farooq Engineer, one of the most flamboyant cricketers was answering my questions. I thought, that was quite special indeed.

Secondly, my contribution to Rediff Diary was selected. It's not a big thing I guess - but its something that I shall treasure forever. Here is the link for the article whenever you have the time.

Email Message to Cricket Radio

Hello to the Commentary Team,

Firstly a very hearty congratulations for some excellent commentary. For a die-hard cricket fan such as me, sitting in California, this ismy best source of LIVE action. I have been all night listening to you guys.

I had a couple of questions to ask :

(1). What do you think of the Indian decision to play 3 seamers ondocile Sri Lankan pitches, where the ball is sure to spin ? - although the spinners have done a decent job till now, do you think that the inclusion of Kumble would have helped ? - i mean, he could have grabbed some more wickets and the total would have been worse !

(2). Farooq Engineer keeps telling about the threat that Murali possesses. I don't buy that completely. Firstly, he can only bowl 10 overs. Secondly, as you guys mentioned, Indians are fantastic players of spin. [remember, Shane Warne in India ?].

(3). However, what does bother me is that chasing in Premadasa is very difficult - dew and humidity will make the ball very slow. So, it will be difficult for our strokemakers. I believe that the first 15 overs will make the difference. What do you think ?

Hoping to hear my questions on the radio.