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Thursday, July 01, 2004

The joy of going home

I am sure every individual however, rich and famous, he or she may be, always finds the homeward bound journey such a wonderful and relaxing one. After a hard day's work, you just want to go back home, lie on the couch for a while, stare blankly at your TV and just relax. As they say, Home is where the heart is.

Today, its not just going back home to our apartments. Today, we are going to India - which acts as our home and also our vacation spot. The almost annual India visit is something to look forward to. You are excited thinking about the changes in India, thinking about all the good things that your mom/sister/_whoever_cooks will be making for you, excited thinking about all the junk food you will be eating, excited thinking about matching shoulders with the thousands of people seen on the road etc and etc. The things that get you excited are just endless.

So as we leave for this wonderful journey, auf weider sehen to all. Take care and keep smiling.

India ! - Here we come.