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Monday, July 26, 2004

Emergency Exit Row Seats ! - what a blessing

Hello All,
  During the flight back from India, I managed to get the Emergency Exit Row Seats on the flights. Although the seats are pretty much the same as other seats, its the available leg space in these seats that makes them such a luxury. You can stretch your legs as much as you can without the fear of knocking your legs on the front seat - there is no front seat in front of you for quite a distance ! So, if you are tall and have always dreaded a flight because you cannot stretch your legs, then the Emergency Exit Row Seats are your solution. I shall forever be obliged to my wife for letting me know about this :).
Another advantage that comes from the absence of seats in front is that you will not be subjected to front seat leaning back at inappropriate times (when you are eating or are reading a magazine etc). In short, there is nothing that will bother you from the front.

Of course, there are subtle disadvantages as well. Firstly, these are the seats which are alongside the very front row seats in the middle aile, which are given to people with infants. So, you will have to bear a lot of infant cries and well, if you are generous enough, then you might end up helping the parents as well and baby sitting their kids :). Secondly, this seat is very close to the restrooms - so, people will be going past you on a regular basis.

Even in spite of these disadvantages, I think the Emergency Exit Row Seats are really worth it. For me, these seats made my return flight home very comfortable.

Till then,