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Thursday, June 24, 2004

Wireless Connectivity @ Home - What a Relief !

In the 90s, the Internet was considered the ultimate in technological discovery. Then came the Wireless Networks and today, they have become so much a part of our lives. Especially in my home, the laptop with the Wireless Card, is the most sort-after thing, after tooth paste ! Be it morning, be it night, be it in the living room, be it in the bathroom, we just need our wireless laptop !

So, it came as a huge disappointment when our Wireless card stopped functioning for some reason. The combined knowledge of 2 computer science engineers could not help solve the problem. We applied all possible known tactics, including rebooting (both soft and hard), powering off the Router, slamming the laptop a bit etc ... but nothing seemed to work.

Today, after 2 weeks of no wireless connectivity, we decided enough is enough and called up Dell Support. After all, thats why they charge arm and a dozen for their laptops, compared to the cheaper models of other companies. Sure enough, we were talking away to the Support personnel, who gave us a very simple suggestion - reinstall the whole OS !!! Reinstall for just a simple Wireless Network Card !!! - unthinkable !

We shut the phone down and tried to debug the problem ourselves. Finally, after tinkering around with the card properties, we found that the Encryption Key was not correct and so, it was not connecting to the router. The joy on our faces had to been seen, when we could start surfing the Web again through the laptop.

I used to shudder when I used to think about a day when I could not check my email :) - today, I shudder to think of a day when i cannot use my wireless connectivity. It makes our lives so comfortable and convinient. Wireless is the way to go and I believe this will indeed shape the way we lead our lives in the future.