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Thursday, June 17, 2004

Random Thoughts - 06/17/2004

Hello All,

Its been a while since I have posted anything. Hope you are all in the pink of your health and having a great time. We have started counting our days now for our India trip and obviously, its really exciting :). When people tell you the cost of going to India is just the cost of the tickets and nothing else - they are grossly wrong :). Every weekend in the past few weeks has been spent in shopping for our relatives in India and I am sure, the days in India will be spent in shopping for ourselves here !!! - in short, add a cool 3 grand or so to cost of the tickets to get the correct cost of going to India. Sorry, if I sound like a person who counts every $$ [I don't - my wife can vouch for that ! ] - but this was some thought that struck me the last weekend.

Anyway, the weather has just been gorgeous out here - warm and sunny days with the cool evenings. What else can you ask for. In spite of this being ideal for doing any kind of work/work-out, Americans here are currently facing one of their worst problems - obesity. As a result of this, there has been a deluge of Fat free stuff in the market now - more so, with the popularity of Atkins diet, old-timers who used to eat bread, are thinking twice before going into that aisle. All this is so noticeable here - the media hypes up any fad so much that people get obsessed with it. But anyway, things haven't changed for us and I don't see any reason why it should :).

O yeah, I don't know whether I mentioned this - I managed to get a Gmail account (Google Mail Account) through a referral - apart from the fact that it is FREE and it has 1 GB of storage, what I like about it is the ability to organize emails as conversations and also the ability to 'label' each email. In short, the same email can have 2 labels (or be inside 2 folders) - I think thats really cool. Of course, you can always Search through your emails - needless to say, the Search is indeed blazing fast ;-).

There is an interesting event this week - there is a dinner invitation for my Boss at one of the poshest restaurants of the Bay Area (Spago). Since, he is travelling to India this week, I get to keep the invitation and of course, I shall invite my spouse too :).

For all you lucky ones who managed to see Venus move across the Sun, hope you will have stories to tell of that when I meet you.