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Friday, June 18, 2004

Javed Miandad controversy

Miandad has been sacked again - for the 3rd time. To be honest, it is probably the step in the right direction. In the recent series against India, the lack of preparation and the lack of modern equipment was clearly visible in the Pakistan team. The fact that Pakistan could still win a test bears testament to the tremendous talent of the team.

Bob Woolmer, the new coach, will definitely do wonders to the team, just as he once did for the South African outfit. The game has progressed so much technologically in the last few years and Woolmer was one of the first to marry technology to the game. In my opinion, Pakistan has finally taken the right step. Of course, it needs to be seen how well the sophisticated techniques of Woolmer and the raw, profusive talent of the Pakistanis can gel together. Interesting times ahead, indeed !