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Thursday, June 24, 2004

Cloak of Invisibility

When I young, I had read a classic H.G. Wells story of a guy who can turn himself invisible. I was really enthralled by it and I had wished that it was indeed humanly possible. Then came the Harry Potter series, where Harry uses his father's magical cloak to cover himself up to make himself invisible. It brought me memories of the H.G. Wells classic. The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, where The Invisible Man was one of the 7 Extraordinary Gentleman, was just what I need to spur me up.
It was just such a wonderful coincidence that 2 weeks later, I read in the BBC that a Tokyo scientist had discovered a Cloak, which had the power to make you invisible. This was not fantasy - this was for real . He had given a demonstration of this amazing discovery to a group of scientists. Of course, there is no magic involved - he just used a combination of some hi-fi reflection/refraction mechanism to achieve what he wanted. Here is the news article that I am referring to.

Phew! - I guess, with time, all our childhood fantasies will become real, eh ?