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Friday, June 18, 2004

Chris Cairns Retires ...

The last week saw the Kiwis losing the 3rd and final test to the Poms. Of course, London couldn't celebrate their win very much - the much fancied England soccer team lost almost immediately to France in the Euro, 2004. Nevertheless, the cricket team deserved plaudits for their wonderful performance. For a team which was struggling to win against the lower ranked teams, this has been an amazing turnaround ever since the Caribbean tour.

In the midst of all this, one man - a very charismatic man, Chris Cairns had played his last and final test. Not to miss out on any action, he reminded every one of his brilliant cricketing abilities by a 9 wicket haul in the test. How much the Kiwis would have wished that they had another Cairns bowling from the other end. Of course, this was after he had gone on to break the World Record for the maximum number of Sixers in Test matches, surpassing Sir Vivian Richards. But then Cairns is hardly a person, who likes to think about records. Give him a beer and he will enjoy it with you. Give him a bat and throw the ball at him - he will dispatch it to the boundary.

But I think, apart from the sheer talent that Chris Cairns possessed, what will sorely be missed is his amazing personality. His heroic deeds of the bat, his playing to the galleries, his bowling the hearts out and of course, the controversies that surrounded him early in his career, will all be missed. As some one said, with the retirement of Chris Cairns, the world of cricket has lost some thing - Cairns has taken away a part of cricket with him. It remains to be seen who will be willing to fit into his shoes.

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